About Buccelli’s

Buccelli's is run by Bruno who orginates from Rome. All the food, drink and surroundings are influenced by Bruno's Italian heritage and traditions.


Buccelli’s is a combination of Italian Restaurant, Wine Bar and Delicatessen.

Our products reflect the Italian and Mediteranian life style… Light, fresh, tasty and healthy !

The cuisine is inspired by the food of the Rome and the Lazio and Tuscany regions. Notably the famous “Osterie” or “Fraschette” where you can sit down and “eat and go” the freshly prepared, seasonal products that are prepped on a daily basis.

Many of the products from Buccelli’s are authentic Italian and directly imported from Italian factories to Lancaster. Bypassing big companies or thirds parties.

The Delicatessen offers a range of products: pasta, sauces, coffee, cured meat, cheese, vegatables under oil, paté and much more. Many of the sauces are dairy, soya and egg free products suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. Why not try some of our pasta and sauce for an al fresco dinner with friends?


29 Church street, Lancaster, LA11LP – UK

+44 01524 874970


Not just a pizza, but Lifestyle

Our Clients say


We are serving Palombini coffee, cakes and the amazing cannoli!

Pinsa Menu

Available every day... with a large selection of pinsa topping. You must try the traditional roman pins base!

Original Recipes

Buccelli's is open in the evening every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5PM. We are offering a unique traditional and authentic Italian cuisine!